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Why Choose Ellis Coffee?

Ellis Coffee Company prides itself in consistently suppling only the highest quality products to meet and exceed all your customer’s expectations.

Quality Coffees

Only the finest grades of coffee are used in producing premium blends for a classic taste.

• Traditional Roast

Our Heritage Blend line has consistently offered a selection of coffees for even the most discriminating customer. These coffees are served in some of the finest restaurants in the region. This line of coffees has a blend for any application.

• Specialty and Sustainable Coffees

Our Mezzaroma line of coffees offers a wide variety of single source origin coffees and exotic blends in a full range of roast colors. So whether you are looking for a Seatle style dark roast or an exceptionally smooth medium roast we have the coffee for your coffee house or cafe. Our Mezzaroma line also features Rainforest Alliance Certified, Fair Trade, and Flavored coffee.

Coffee Expertise

Let our staff of coffee experts help you grow your business. No matter if you are opening a single outlet, or own or manage a multi-unit operation, we have the knowledgeable staff at Ellis Coffee Company to make your operation successful and more profitable.

Service is our Tradition

Ellis Coffee is a family-owned roaster that takes pride in the service that we provide to all our customers, large and small. We are the company you will be proud to recommend to others. Service is our hallmark.


With seven distribution centers and service centers located throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Maryland, we are always nearby to serve you when you need us.

Customer Service

Our representatives are only a phone call away. With a centralized customer service operation in Philadelphia, PA, one call connects you regardless of your need.

Full Service Beverage Provider

We are the beverage experts. We have the product, equipment and service staff that can support all your beverage needs.

Coffee Program • Traditional expresso programs with two equipment lines • Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino Iced Tea, (Fresh Brewed and On-Demand options) • Juice Programs • Specialty Drinks, Blender and Smoothies • A full line of teas and associates beverage support items

Liquid Coffee Program

Liquid Coffee Program

An ideal offering for high-demand Food Service accounts

Liquid Coffee• Superb quality

• Consistent taste

• Bag-in-box

• Shelf stable

• No messy grinds

• Easy to use

• No prep time

• Convenient

• Brewed on demand

• High volume

• No waste

Liquid Coffees: Java Bold • Sumatra Blend • Premium Decafé


Iced Tea: Fresh Brewed

Products Available

Iced Tea Machines

  • 25/4oz. Loose leaf Iced Tea
  • 25/4oz. Loose leaf Decafe Iced Tea
  • 48/1 oz. Iced Tea Bags
  • 48/1 oz. Decafe Iced Tea Bags
  • 100/1 oz. Iced Tea Bags and

China Mist Premium Iced Teas

Premium China Mist
Available in

  • Traditional
  • Mango
  • Passion Fruit
  • Peach
  • Raspberry
  • Fiesta Fria
  • Black Current

B.W.Cooper’s On Demand

Introducing B.W. Cooper’s On Demand

  • Consistent taste
  • No waste— saves money
  • Less brewing— saves time
  • No hot water or electricity required
  • On Demand

    B.W. Cooper’s On Demand Iced Tea

    Available Flavors:

    • Iced Brew Tea Sweet
    • Ice Brew Tea Unsweetened
    • Tropical Green Tea with papaya, mango & passion fruit

    B.W. Cooper’s On Demand Iced Lemonade

    Refreshing Fresh Lemonade Taste


    JuiceTyme® Juice Program

    Juice Tyme TMEllis Coffee Company offers a complete Juice Program

    • Shelf-stable juice

    • Can be stored in cabinets

    • Variety of premium juice selections

    • 3 refreshing flavors

    • Attractive branding

    • Requires no refrigeration during storage

    Can be stored in a cabinet








    Flavia Beverage System

    Flavia® Beverage System

    Why is Flavia ® the #1 One-Cup Coffee System?

    Flavia® Beverage System
    Flavia• Only brew-by-pack system with authentic cappuccino and mochaccino

    • First to introduce brew-by-pack category to home and office

    • Only system that prevents cross contamination from drink to drink

    • #1 brew-by-pack system rated by the Wall Street Journal

    • Perfect for Doctor’s Lounge

    • Fast and convenient

    • 27 freshly brewed gourmet beverages

    • Cups, teas, espresso, flavored coffees & cappuccinos are all part of the program

    • Versatile machines can either be water lined or pour overs

    • Available as coin operated machines


    Torani Real Fruit Smoothie Mix


    Torani Real Fruit Smoothie Mix comes in nine best-selling flavors. Each offers the ripe,
    straight-from-the-orchard taste customers are looking for in a smoothie. All are made with real, sun-ripened fruit –which is exactly what your customers want in a smoothie.

    • Each 16 oz serving offers 100% of the recommended daily allowance of
    • Vitamin C and 4 grams of hunger-fighting fiber
    • Made without caffeine, fat or dairy, it’s the healthier, vegan option
    • our customers will adore.
    • Sold by the case or 64 oz. package
    • 9 great fruit flavors
    • Equipment provided at no charge to qualifying accounts
    • Complete POS line provided

    Available Flavors:

    1.  Strawberry
    2. Strawberry Banana
    3. Mango
    4. Peach
    5. Tropical Passion
    6. Raspberry
    7. Strawberry Lemonade
    8. Wildberry
    9. Superfruit*
    *Packed with antioxidants, the flavors of wild
    blueberry, pomegranate, acai and gojo berry are not
    only sweet and tangy, but are great for you too.


    Milk on the Moove

    High Quality Cream Products at the Touch of a Button

    Available Products

    • Whole Milk
    •  Half & Half
    • 1% Low Fat
    • French Vanilla


    • No waste
    • Long shelf life
    • Easy to load
    • Disposable bags & nozzle eliminates health concerns.
    • Price comparable to creamer cups



    Cappuccino Machine
    In today’s coffee market, Cappuccino has become as big or even a bigger draw than traditional coffee. More and more people, in particular an increasingly younger crowd, are drinking these European-style beverages almost faster than coffee shops can make them. In our continued efforts to stay on top of the market, Ellis Coffee Company carries a wide variety of powdered cappuccinos.

    Available Flavors

    • Original
    • Hazelnut
    • French Vanilla
    • Fat Free French Vanilla
    • Cinnamon Vanilla Nut
    • English Toffee
    • White Chocolate Caramel
    • Swiss Mocha
    • Smores
    • Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)

    Coffee House Style Drinks

    Drink Possibilities

    • Coffee House Style
    • Cappuccino & Lattes
    • Espresso Drinks
    • Steamers
    • Flavored Hot Chocolates

    This machine provides up to
    12-different drinks from a small footprint.
    It uses powder instead
    of liquid concentrates.

    Ellis Point of Sale Pieces for Dining and Hospitality 

    Typical Equipment for Dining and Hospitality Accounts

    Consult with our expertly trained sales staff on your operational needs and we can choose from all the leading equipment manufactures to tailer the perfect equipment solution for your operations.Ellis Coffee Company • Since 1854

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